Lashes Fairy "Volume" Glue

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Lashes Fairy  "Volume" Glue

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"Lashes Fairy" extension glue "Volume" is specially designed volume extensions, but they can also use the classic eyelash augmented. Their drying time is faster than the Pro adhesive and konsistencija- skystesnės. "Volume" adhesive is extremely durable, water resistant, high heat and cold. Eyelashes to recharge lasts very long. "Lashes Fairy" glue depends on the highest category of quality extension adhesive. Corresponds to the EU directives and ISO 10993-5 quality standard. It is recommended to use the 55% moisture; It can be used at 40% -70% moisture. Recommended room temperature: 25-28 degrees C.

  • Extremely strong and durable
  • It contains no latex or formaldehyde
  • Enough about 130 procedures
  • Fast drying time (about 3sec.)
  • Colour: black, shiny
  • Eyelashes takes very long
  • Suitable for classical and Volume Extensions
  • Consistency: liquid
  • Just pouring, you may feel a slight odor
  • Validity: 3mėn. opening
  • Capacity: 5 gr.

Application: Apply adhesive in an upright position. Always clean the glue spout and stopper that their leave adhesive. If the adhesive used, glue them to leave the closed bag. Always fully close the stopper. Do not expose the adhesive moisture complete facilities. Customers should not use oil-based eye make-up. 24 hours. After treatment, clients should avoid wet eyes (water, tears or sweat). Keep temperature: 18-25 degrees C ~ 50% air humidity. Do not store in the refrigerator. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Important: should avoid direct contact with the skin adhesive: 1-2mm lashes care of it on the skin of the eyelid. For use in eyelash extension courses for graduates of masters. If the adhesive stopper or spout remains in the adhesive, they should be cleaned.

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